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10 Writing Prompts pt. 10   3 comments

by Elizabeth Huff


  • Write different lyrics to the same music as your favorite lullaby.
  • What if everyone in your family were associated with a color. Who would be what color and why?
  • Write a manual about how to survive a day in your life.
  • Write an admission essay to a magical academy.
  • Write about a young man who sneaks on board a spaceship with the goal of stowing away and finding adventure.
  • Write about a day where everything goes wrong.
  • Write about the problems you would be faced with if you were a giant.
  • Write about finding a hidden tunnel and what happens when you explore it.
  • You and 4 others are being exiled into the desert. You can each only take 5 items with you.Write about what you would take and how would you use it to survive. Are the others as smart about what they would choose?
  • Think about your favorite piece of technology and then write a story about having to live without it.

11 Websites With Free Stuff   Leave a comment

by Elizabeth Huff

The title may be a bit misleading because only some of the are actually websites, the others are programs that you need to download from the websites. The links take you to sites where you can download them (most are softonic or filehippo).

  • CCleaner – to help keep your computer clean and organized (electronically, that is).
  • w3schools – learn how to do all that technical programming stuff.
  • Malwarebytes – to keep your computer free of malware and other bad stuff.
  • bplans – free sample business plans in almost every category imaginable.
  • Keepvid – allows you to download videos off of youtube (and I believe a couple other sites).
  • Deviant Art – for all the image inspiration you will probably ever need.
  • Format Factory – Converts many different types of video and audio into many other different types of video and audio.
  • Celtx – free screenwriting software.
  • Softonic – free downloads of lots of different programs.
  • byki – language learning program, with several to choose from.

10 Writing Prompts pt. 9   Leave a comment

by Elizabeth Huff


  • Imagine your favorite activity is outlawed, and practicing it is punishable by death. What measures would you take to keep doing what you love?
  • Carnivals are supposed to be a place of fun and happy memories, but this carnival had an air of danger. Something sinister lurked in the shadows…
  • My eyes slowly flickered open. I had a pounding headache and a disturbing blank spot in my memory. I looked around slowly as I tried to remember how I got here, and tried to figure out where “here” was.
  • Write a story about someone who was mistakenly admitted to a hospital or asylum.
  • Imagine you met your soul mate but had to be separated from him/her forever. Write the goodbye letter.
  • Describe your favorite season.
  • Write about the worst mistake you ever made.
  • Write a tabloid article about someone you know.
  • Write about what would happen if you were able to meet your favorite book or movie character.
  • Imagine you are caught in the middle of nowhere during a huge blizzard. You manage to stumble upon an old cabin, but you are soon snowed in by the blizzard, and the cabin may be haunted.
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