10 Writing Prompts pt. 10   3 comments

by Elizabeth Huff


  • Write different lyrics to the same music as your favorite lullaby.
  • What if everyone in your family were associated with a color. Who would be what color and why?
  • Write a manual about how to survive a day in your life.
  • Write an admission essay to a magical academy.
  • Write about a young man who sneaks on board a spaceship with the goal of stowing away and finding adventure.
  • Write about a day where everything goes wrong.
  • Write about the problems you would be faced with if you were a giant.
  • Write about finding a hidden tunnel and what happens when you explore it.
  • You and 4 others are being exiled into the desert. You can each only take 5 items with you.Write about what you would take and how would you use it to survive. Are the others as smart about what they would choose?
  • Think about your favorite piece of technology and then write a story about having to live without it.

3 responses to “10 Writing Prompts pt. 10

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  1. Hey there, hope this is okay posting here:

    You’ve been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award!


    ~ JLT

  2. You’re welcome 😀

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