Feedback Questions pt. 2   Leave a comment

Here are some questions you can ask your reviewer to get more direct and usable feedback.

  • Are there any words that you think were used too often?
  • Did you have to reread any part of the story to understand it?
  • Did you feel the author was lecturing to you at any time?
  • Do you think the story would work better as a movie, play, book, poem, etc?
  • What genre do you think this story is?
  • What characters did you feel the most strongly about?
  • Did you have to take a break from reading, and if so at what point?
  • Did you find yourself skipping over any passages because they seemed to long or over-written?
  • Was the main plot clear or needlessly complex?
  • Are there any loose ends or holes in the story?
  • Was there anything that took you out or distracted you from the story?
  • Were there any over used cliches?
  • Were you able to get a clear picture of the locations in the story?
  • Was the bad guy interesting?
  • Was the author overly dramatic at any time?
  • Do you know of anyone else who might be interested in this story?

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