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  •     The story is started with action in the very first scene.
  •     Does the story happen in the correct time and place for what it’s about?
  •     Does the location of the scene affect how the characters act in it?
  •     There are no wasted or overly long descriptions unless the further the plot.
  •     Scene goals are obvious to the reader.
  •     Everything happens for a reason (motivation; no coincidence).
  •     There is strong emotion in almost every scene.
  •     All the scenes advance the story.
  •     Most scenes increase the dramatic tension.
  •     Scenes that don’t advance the story or increase the dramatic tension, at least tell the audience something new about a character.
  •     All the scenes naturally lead into the next scene.
  •     Are the events in the story unexpected but believable?
  •     All the scenes have conflict.
  •     Every scene is memorable.
  •     I have a killer first page.
  •     I have a killer last page.

Posted August 12, 2012 by Elizabeth Huff in General Writing

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