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  •     None of my characters are dull. Even the minor ones have a quirk or two.
  •     Are all supporting characters distinct and easy to keep separate?
  •     My character names stay consistent.
  •     I do not give unnecessary character names to minor characters.
  •     My character names do not all begin with the same letter.
  •     My character names do not rhyme.
  •     I have checked to make sure my totally original character names have not previously been used in a film that was a blockbuster before I was born.
  •     Do my characters have well thought out backgrounds, even if it doesn’t appear in the story?
  •     Are all the details about my characters specific?
  •     The characters don’t talk too much.
  •     Is my main character active?
  •     Does my character have as many moments as possible to take action?
  •     Does my main character have a well-defined problem?
  •     Does my main character have a crushing moral problem?
  •     Is the main character’s problem interesting to the audience?
  •     Does the audience desperately want the hero to win?
  •     Is the main character’s problem the biggest problem of his life?
  •     Does the main character solve his/her own problem?
  •     Is my main character constantly under pressure?
  •     Are my main character’s emotions big enough to write a whole story around?
  •     Is my main character transformed at the end?
  •     Do my characters learn something about themselves or the world around them?
  •     Are my characters in conflict with themselves?
  •     Are my characters consistent in personality throughout the story?
  •     Are my characters consistent in traits and characteristics throughout the story?
  •     Is the “voice” of my characters consistent throughout the story?
  •     Are my characters human? Do they have flaws which make them more acceptable to the audience?
  •     Are there characters that I don’t need?
  •     Are there characters I can combine?
  •     Do my main characters disappear for too long?
  •     Does the audience learn about the characters through action and not dialogue?
  •     Is the “bad guy” stronger than the hero, so the hero has to work to overcome him?
  •     Is the “bad guy” more and more clever moves?
  •     Is your “bad guy” the hero of his own story? Does he do what he does for a compelling reason?
  •     Is the “bad guy” the cause of the hero’s change?

Posted August 11, 2012 by Elizabeth Huff in General Writing

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