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Here is a true story of one of many strange occurrences that can be and has been used as inspiration for writing. This is just a general summary. For more information you can go to wikipedia or just do a general search.
In 1959 on the east shoulder of the Mountain of the Dead, 9 ski hikers mysteriously met their deaths. Their were no eye witnesses and investigators have determined that an unknown force caused the deaths.

Originally a ten member party formed for the ski trek, all members were experienced in long ski tours and mountain expeditions. Illness caused one of the hikers to have to turn back, making the party a group of nine. At first no one was overly worried when the group hadn’t been heard from. The hiker who turned back had been informed by the leader of the expedition that they would probably be later than earlier anticipated. It wasn’t until February 26th that searchers found their abandoned and damaged tent, and it was may before all the bodies were recovered.

Strange Facts About the Incident:

  • All the groups belongings and shoes had been left.
  • The tent had been cut open from the inside.
  • 2 of the hikers were found dressed only in their underwear (possibly because of hypothermia).
  • 3 of the hikers were found in poses that suggested they were trying to return to the tent.
  • No injuries were found that might have led to the deaths of the first five bodies.
  • The last four bodies showed injuries which would have to be caused by extreme force including major skull damage and major chest fractures, however there were no external wounds.
  • One of the hikers was missing a tongue.
  • There were no signs of hand-to-hand struggle.
  • There were no indications of other people nearby.
  • There were high doses of radiation on a few of the victims.
  • The skin of some of the hikers had a “deep brown tan”.
  • On the night of the incident strange orange spheres were seen in the night sky by the location and surrounding areas.
  • There was a great deal of scrap metal in the area.
  • Much about the case has been censored or lost.

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