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These are some questions to ask yourself about any character you create. I find that it’s easier to write down the answers and then keep it in a file for the story. That way if I stop writing for awhile or have to change something later on, I won’t be confused about the characters background or motivation. Not all questions have to be answered, but enough should be answered for a clear picture of your character.


  • Did anything strange or different happen at the character’s birth?
  • What was the character’s mother like?
  • What was the characters father like?
  • How were the character’s parents relationship toward each other and toward the character?
  • What other family does the character have?
  • Who is the character’s best friend?
  • What other friends and acquaintances does the character have?
  • What education does the character have?
  • How does the character feel about education and school in particular?
  • How old is the character?
  • What is the character’s physical description?
  • Does the character have any important romantic relationships?
  • What does the character like to do?
  • What does the character hate to do?
  • Does the character have any special talents?
  • How does the character feel about the world around him?
  • Does your character have any special powers or abilities?
  • Has the character ever had a serious injury?
  • What type of work does the character do?
  • What is the character’s role, or purpose, in the story?
  • What does the character want out of life? What is his ultimate goal?
  • What is the character afraid of?
  • What are some of the character’s flaws?
  • What lesson does the character need to learn?
  • Is the character introverted or extroverted?
  • Is the character active or passive?
  • What are some of the character’s biggest strengths?
  • What are some of the character’s biggest weaknesses?

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  2. But wanna say that this really is quite valuable , Thanks for taking your time to write this. 645233

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