10 Writing Prompts pt. 12   1 comment

by Elizabeth Huff


  • They looked like ordinary men, but they weren’t. The only way to tell them apart was by looking for the shadows because no matter what time it was, they were never any shadows.
  • The inn was unused to so many guests at once, being situated in the middle of nowhere as it was. It seemed to the staff that it was going to be a lively weekend. At least they thought so until the first body was found.
  • Write a story about meeting death. Is it a pleasant meeting? Are you friends? Are you afraid? Has he/she come for you?
  • Imagine you get admitted to a hospital, but something is wrong. It seems something always stops you from leaving. At first it seems an odd coincidence, but as you begin to pay more attention you realize you aren’t the only one who is trapped…
  • Write a story about finding paradise, and then trying to find a way to escape it.
  • What do you think the biggest problem facing your country is, and what would be the best way to resolve it?
  • Imagine one day you wake up and you are the opposite gender. What happens and how do you turn back?
  • Write about an unrequited love that you have had.
  • Imagine you are an old sorcerer about to die. What advice would you give your students and those who come after you?
  • Write how-to instructions for a magic rock.

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