7 Unusual Plants   Leave a comment

by Elizabeth Huff


  1. Image DetailRafflesia Arnoldi – This Plant takes 9 – 21 months to grow and the flower only lasts about five days, but what makes this plant truly unique is that when in bloom the flower smells like a decaying carcass.
  2. Image DetailDinosaur Plants/Resurrection Plants – This Plants can go for years with out water, shriveling up and going into a sort of hibernation. To bring back to life: just add water. They have been on Earth for million of years, and are easily puchased now. Here are two links if you are interested. Amazon  Thinkgeek
  3. Image DetailWelwitschia – Besides the name this plant is unique in that it only grows two leaves. They are permanent and continue to grow throughout the plants lifetime. They can live anywhere from 1000 – 2000 years if circumstances are right.
  4. Aldrovanda vesiculosaAldrovanda Vesiculosa – This plant is like the aquatic version of the venus flytrap. It grows quite quickly and can snap its trap in a fraction of a second.
  5. Image DetailDracunculus Vulgaris – Another plant that smells like rotting meat. In addition it has some of the most interesting names I have heard in a while: Black Lily, Dragonwort, Black Dragon, Snake Lily, etc.
  6. Image DetailWolffia – The species of this plant contain the smallest flowering plants on Earth. The plants can be under 2 millimeters in size.
  7. Image Detail Wollemia – This plant was thought to be extinct until its chance discovery in Australia in 1994. It’s an evergreen whose leaves resemble ferns and bark resembles cocoa pops breakfast cereal. It can grow between 80 and 130 ft. tall.

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