10 Writing Prompts pt. 6   Leave a comment

by Elizabeth Huff


  • Write an article on the origin of your favorite fairytale.
  • A remote space colony sends out a distress signal. A rescue ship is dispatched, but when they arrive no one is in sight…
  • Think about a holiday that you love, then try and think of a great memory you have of that holiday. Now turn that wonderful memory into a horror story.
  • Write about being a bank teller during a heist you or someone else commits.
  • Write a letter to one of your ancestors.
  • Use the last line of a poem you like as the title of a new poem you write.
  • Write from the perspective of an archeologist in the far distant future uncovering artifacts from today. How would they describe the objects they encounter? Would they be able to understand what they were used for?
  • Write about how you want your life to be 10 years from now.
  • Pick a haunted place and write the story about how it became haunted.
  • It is said that “the eyes are the windows of the soul.” What if you could look into someone’s eyes and see everything they were or had ever done. Would it be a gift or curse? What if everyone could do it?

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