10 Writing Prompts pt. 5   Leave a comment

by Elizabeth Huff


  • A man drives into a town hoping to get some gas, but finds the place deserted.
  • What if you could get everything you ask for, but for every “request” it would take off one year of your life.
  • You receive a strange note, written in code, in the mail. Write a story about what happens when you break the code.
  • She had never been a believer in ghosts. She certainly had never expected to meet her first one in a church on Easter.
  • He didn’t know he had a third cousin twice removed, and he didn’t expect to be left all that money… or the box.
  • He was the most notorious serial killer ever. No one knew what made him turn himself in, or what turned him into a quivering, scared wreck.
  • It was a beautiful winter morning when he found the body in his backyard.
  • It was easy to get lost in the abandoned tunnels beneath the city, that was one of the reasons no one ever went down there, but there he was…
  • She held the napkin in her hand while she tried to puzzle out the meaning of the message written on it. It must have been left by a previous diner, but why? Who was it meant for?
  • They both went through the motions of planning the trip. They both also knew only one would be coming back.

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