10 Writing Prompts pt. 4   3 comments

by Elizabeth Huff


  • Write a commercial for a fake product.
  • Write about a family that must survive a killer bee attack.
  • He had killed dozens of people when he was still active as a hitman, and it had never bothered him. At least, not until he started hearing their voices.
  • A hunt for biological parents leads to surprising, and sinister, results.
  • A cursed locket, a crying ghost, and murder. Just another Saturday night for the famous detective.
  • She didn’t know what sort of creature it was that she had stumbled onto, but she did know it was hurt and frightened.
  • They said it couldn’t be done. Some even said it shouldn’t be done, but he didn’t care. As the saying went “fortune favors the bold.”
  • The new planet came into view on the screen. There was only a few simple creatures right now, but it was obvious to the team of scientists studying the picture that it could also support intelligent life, and they would be the ones to “help” the process along.
  • At a Chinese restaurant a man opens his fortune cookie to read: “Your life is in danger. Tomorrow you will be approached by a man. Do NOT go with him.”
  • Write about an everyday item that gets a life of its own.

3 responses to “10 Writing Prompts pt. 4

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  1. Nice collection of prompts.

  2. I just started following your blog a day or two ago just came by today to copy off a page of prompts. Incase you notice them missing you’ll know where they went……..thanks, umm can you start me a tab?

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