10 Websites With Free Video   Leave a comment

by Elizabeth Huff

Sometimes a hard working writer needs a little distraction, or a new source of inspiration. Try these websites with free videos, just remember to get back to writing!

  1. Youtube.com – The most obvious one is first.
  2. Dramacrazy.net – This has mostly Japanese, Korean, and Chinese language dramas and movies. Subtitles are available in English and occasionally other languages.
  3. Animecrazy.net – All anime (Japanese cartoons) all the time. Shows are either dubbed or subbed.
  4. hulu.com – Some videos are free, others you have to upgrade to see.
  5. Dailymotion.com – youtube-like site.
  6. Break.com – Videos, pictures, and games.
  7. stagevu.com – Site with videos and other categories.
  8. wwitv.com – T.V. channels from all over the world, including different local stations in the us.
  9. veoh.com – youtube-like site. Some videos are able to be downloaded.
  10. google video and yahoo! video – more youtube-like sites.

For more helpful link try reading my previous post about reference websites. Are there any video sites you frequently go on or do you have a review of one of the sites mentioned above?


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