10 Writing Reference Websites   1 comment

by Elizabeth Huff

Here are some websites you might find useful in your own writing and research. Some you probably know, hopefully at least one is new.

  1. Encyclopedia Britannica www.britannica.com
  2. Encyclopedia Mythicawww.pantheon.org
  3. The Internet Movie Script Databasewww.imsdb.com
  4. The Internet Public Library –  www.ipl.org
  5. The Movie Cliches Listwww.moviecliches.com
  6. Our Timelineswww.ourtimelines.com
  7. Glossary of Unusual Words Found in Willswww.btinternet.com/~tylcoat/gloss.htm
  8. Surname Origins and Meaningswww.searchforancestors.com/surnames/origin/
  9. Wikipediawww.wikipedia.org
  10. Rhyme Zonewww.rhymezone.com

Are there any websites you find especially helpful?


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