10 Writing Prompts pt.1   Leave a comment

by Elizabeth Huff

  • Write a story about an ordinary person, who just happens to be born on a world where everyone has a superpower.
  • Imagine you and a close friend (or enemy) are stranded on a deserted island. Write about what you have to do to survive. Do you pull together with your enemy, or maybe betray your friend?
  • It’s the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! Unfortunately, you are stuck in an airport, in a strange town, with few or no friends around to help. How do you escape and get to safety?
  • Write a story centered around a minor character in your favorite book.
  • Imagine you wake up, and have been buried. Do you know why you are there? Are you dead or a zombie? Do you get rescued?
  • Mix two fairytales together.
  • I didn’t mean to kill him. It was the cat’s fault. If the cat hadn’t run away, I wouldn’t have met him, and he wouldn’t be dead now.
  • Write about a domestic animal that has to survive after people disappear.
  • It was strange enough seeing two teenage girls walking down that unlit road. It was even weirder seeing glimpses of them wherever he went after that.
  • Write a list of five things you would never do, and then write a story where you are forced to do all of them.

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